Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trade Servers.

With a steady loss of idle servers thanks to the ability to idle in an offline bot match, we are seeing a sign of relief in server listings. Or are we?

With the introduction of trading, we are also introduced with a new type of server: trading servers.

The concept is fairly obvious; once joined into a trade server, you are grouped with several bunches of people who will simply do, well, trading. No real gameplay happens here, as the server usually is on a single, never ending map with no goal to achieve. In a sense, it's basically a new form of idle server combined with an item and hat bazaar.

Now I can see the use for trade servers. It could very well be one of the simplest ways to trade between people outside your friend list. However, if given the chance to grow out of control, we could very well see a spike in servers all over the listings, and it'll be the idle server swarm all over again.


  1. This does concern me a tad bit. Hopefully "trading" will get used as a tag word so people can filter out such servers if they want to.

  2. hmm thanks for getting me thinking.

  3. Well, I prefer it to idle servers. At least people are actually DOING things on trade servers.

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog, i love the background on yours!

  5. Trade servers are an improvement over idle servers.