Friday, October 29, 2010

Tip o' my hat to a friend that didn't lose his head during the Mortgage bubble craze.

I gotta tip my hat to those that did not fall for the big sub prime lending craze a couple years ago. I have a good friend that owed only 9 more years on a 30 year mortgage and was approached many times by shady lenders wanting him to re finance up to his rafters and although at the time the bubble had not shown signs of busting yet he always said "you would have to be an idiot to pay your house almost completely off just to re finance and owe all that again especially at his age 57 and close to retirement. NOW boy is he a happy guy while so many others are losing their homes after paying on them for years and then refinancing with some crappy lenders at an adjustable rate falling for the line " oh you can refinance againg to a fixed rate before your house payment adjusts up" he on the other hand now has 1 1/2 years left on that same mortgage and paying off his home will coincide with him retiring.You didn't let dollar signs blur the big picture and that deserves a tip o' the hat to you my friend :)